New opportunities for (N)TO, DMOs, marketing travel portals and other destination promoters

Promote destination(s) through innovative travel web portal with online reservations

Create easy multilanguage travel website and sell online all tours, activities and packages from your destination

(& combine the offer with other destinations)

Bring together all tourism providers for your destination(s) offering and promote them through innovative travel web portal with online reservations
Enhance their resilience and competitiveness through better uptake of innovation and digitalisation
Improve transnational and cross-border cooperation through joint collaboration.

Promote offers of destinations through your website in languages of your target markets.

Earn revenue from each realized reservations from your site and your affiliate partners.

You don’t need to work any administrative work, only marketing. The organizers of tours, activities and packages (accommodation) manage their reservations and they communicate with clients automatically in their languages, supported by BOS booking system.

Your clients can be your clients, blogers, media web portals, diaspora, ….

You will not use plugins for Facebook and Google tracking codes. In our BOS website builder it is easy to implement them.

Be aware of the level of satisfaction of your customers and the quality of services of your destination.

BOS web builder is SaaS (software as a service). Once you define the desired design, and we deliver it to you, you won’t need a developer. You will be able to manage independently, to change the content on your pages and front page. All tours will be automatically updated at the moment the organizer makes a change of any data, the dates of departures, price, …

BOS platform provide a hosting and take care about the security of your website.

Marketing is your most important activity, but you can also rely on the support of the BOS team.
Our support can be primarily in educating local organizers to start using the reservation system, creating storytelling for tours, helping to define prices, strengthening cooperation along the tourist value chain;
Our support can also be in marketing:
Starting with creating a basic marketing strategy and SEO optimization before creating a site (defining target groups, main keywords, etc.), creating a site structure (creating url links, category titles and subcategories, meta descriptions, all in line with SEO) text editing, writing texts for your site that will bring you the desired customers, translating tours and texts into the languages ​​of the desired markets, opening accounts for tracking visits and optimizing the site and setting codes, push notifications, chat bot communication, creating email accounts and creating mail templates campaigns (according to the brand), creating email automation, creating automation for mail campaigns, maintaining accounts on social networks (with submitted material) or creating materials, launching campaigns and monitoring them, …

Create a new business model building on digitalisation and new technologies

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By promoting the tourist offer of your region, you strengthen SMEs in the region and at the same time generate income.