About us

BOS4.tours is a state-of-the-art travel technology with the vision to benefit tourism developments, improve bookings, assisting in forging relationships for the travel industry and connecting the whole trade network on one single platform.

BOS4.tours has its grass roots in the development of a platform for placement and online booking of tours in Serbia on a platform named SerbianAdventures.com It is currently used by approximately 70 local incoming operators, but is now expanding beyond the borders from its second base in Greece.

By developing additional system components and improvements, in 2020 we have conceived a comprehensive, multi-lingual Booking Online System (BOS for short), aiming to present it as unique and innovative “cloud” solution for online sales and placement of touring programmes.

Integracija u sistem

Tour operators, operate websites based on BOS platform offering own programmes and selling them online. Our intention is to “go global” with BOS, too – tours can be visible worldwide, while programmes from industry piers from other countries, BOS platform users, can be sold as well!

BOS4.tours is also used by sales intermediaries or third party distribution channels, online marketing experts and enterprising professional groups, which include travel agents, tourist offices, travel destination portals and hotels chains, to name but a few.

Once a website has been created using BOS Web Builder, end user benefits from efficient set of technical features for monitoring and strengthen relationships with existing and potential customers, including our ‘hands-free’ sale processing and fully automated customer communication toolkit.

In preparation of a gradual recovery of global increase in demand for travel in 2021, we at BOS4.tours are currently pulling all stops in strengthening our activities for a looming ‘return to normality’ and are working extremely hard on BOS 2.0, planning to deliver a perfect tool for supporting the travel industry.