Sell online tours, activities or packages 

BOS travel tech platform and booking online system

Get more bookings, create a great guests experience, reduce costs and stress
Sell your tours, activities and packages online:

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Online search by the destinations, place of departures, date and etc.

By lists the tours into the system – they will be automatically available for online booking through the BOS distribution network (,, etc.) as well as through the BOS Affiliate partner network.

Reduce the risk and ensure increased placement of your tours without costs. Pay only commissions for realized reservations (on a monthly basis).

Reach the desired customers from different markets and communicate with them in their language

Automate your communication with customers and save significant resources – with three employees in sales now, when you start to work with BOS two will be available for other work tasks (for example marketing :))!

In just a few clicks send:

  • confirmation of reservation with billing instruction,
  • confirmation of payment
  • download your guest lists

Don’t waste time on billing and make mistakes in calculations – the system does it automatically!

Apply dynamic prices – plan on time, earn more and reduce stress.

Be aware of the level of satisfaction of your customers and the quality of services of your partners. Improve the quality of your tours because a satisfied customer is your greatest satisfaction.

By entering your tours in BOS, they are also available for promotion through the BOS travel affiliate network. If you want to collaborate with some bloggers, influencers, journalists, etc., you can suggest that they become your affiliate partner and they can also earn from every reservation that arrives via the link that they will publish to their followers. If you are a local DMC, your affiliate partners can be local accommodation facilities, tourist organizations, media, people from your area who live in the diaspora, etc.

Track the results of your promotional activities – be informed which promotional channel gives you the best results

Our admin system is in English, Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian languate. Soon in other languages.

Booking online system for tours

Register without any obligations. As a business owner, it is necessary to be familiar with the General Terms of Conditions and you can leave other things to your employees who will receive all instructions, video tutorials and live customer support from the BOS team. When you make a reservation you will get 2 e-mails. The first for confirmation of your registration and second with the instructions.

If you would like to ask some questions before registration, you can make an appoitment by choosing the time at your desposal.

If you prefer to send us a questions, write to us:

You can also sell online tours on your website!

Increase direct sales and save!

If you are currently unable to invest in a new website, we have an option for you. Ask for more details and promotional price until 30th March 2022.


for Tour operators, DMC, tour guides, travel portals, promoters of destinations:

If you want a new website with online booking (optional with online payment), for which you will not need a developer and which you will be able to manage independently, we offer BOS travel website builder and completely digital transformation of your travel business.

For greater direct sales and better marketing opportunities, we offer a complete digital transformation of your business. In addition to online reservations and technical capabilities provided by the BOS platform for your website, a BOS expert team may be at your disposal to maximize the performance of your tourism business.

Website builder for tour operators