Pick a Product that Meets Your Needs

Reach new markets simple by exploiting a golden opportunity to offer your programmes through specialist distribution channels – huge network of intermediary agencies, travel portals and media channels who are building their websites on the BOS platform, as well as number of trade affiliates connected through our system.

Packages for Tour Operators

Our platform offers online booking system with full automation of sales processes, with choice of three great options for you. “Starter” pack is for those wishing to connect existing website to our Booking Engine using our BOOK NOW link. “Post & Earn” enables placement through BOS distribution channels, in addition to your own online sales model. Finally, if you require a more complex version which also offers a website builder and enhanced market presence, than our “Integrated” package would be a perfect choice.

Starter - Connect

  • Add BOOK NOW to web site
  • 2 months at 0% for BOS
  • Only 3% commission
  • Single user
  • No set-up fee

Post & Earn

  • Tour placement only
  • n/a
  • 1,5% to BOS + Marketplace %
  • Single users
  • No set-up fee


  • BOS+Marketplace+WebBuilder
  • 2 months no monthly fee
  • 1.5% to BOS + Marketplace %
  • Multiple users
  • Set-up fee applies **
  • Starter Package: 0% BOS commission offer during 2-month period.
  • Post & Earn package: available on certain markets only. 1,5% BOS fee for each booking + 3rd party Marketplace commission.
  • Integrated package: 0% BOS commission offer during 2-month period, Marketplace commission still applies. **One-off “set-up” fee for system integration applies – please contact us for more details.

BOS Features at a Glance

                        STARTER POST & EARN INTEGRATED

Booking Online System

Full access to cloud content management system

Online booking software

Automated booking administration and CRM

Guest lists downloading

Dynamic pricing & availability management

Integration with your existing website




Marketplace & Distribution Channels

Agent & distribution channel management


BOS Marketplace access *


Commission & invoice calculations


Elementary Marketing support




Travel Website Builder

Web builder with choice of two design themes



Customer reviews and feed-back system



Content creation, image selection, tour-themes



Website hosting services



Default SEO Integration



Packages for Tour Resellers

In addition to the above, touring programmes can be visible and booked BOS platform based websites, operated by enterprising travel & tourism interest groups e.g. sales agents, bloggers, tourist boards or media/marketing outlets. Our trade affiliates do not have to operate website based on BOS platform, yet they can benefit from substantial boost from intermediary sales, as well as make revenue from referral and promotional activities.

BOS Distribution Channels

EUR From2500
  • Travel Web Builder + Marketing support
  • Your earn depends of tour commission
  • Choose tours depending on market, target niche (even %)
  • Free set-up and training
  • No BOS fee for 6 months, earn % from sales

BOS Afliliate Partner Program

  • Earn €€€ from Day One
  • for everyone who would like to promote tours
  • BOS marketing support
  • Instraction for creating links and embedding whitelabel iFrame
  • Great opportunity to make money

Tailor the Package to Meet Your Needs

With “customer at the core” approach to our business we don’t believe in ‘one-size-fits-all’ philosophy and would therefore be happy to discuss any tailor made solution to ensure maximum return on your investment! Furthermore, our expert teams will assist you in creating the structure of your website, working with you in generating content, both for the site as well as for social media. Additional services we offer include:

  • Expanded Choice of Website Design Themes
  • Content Placement and regular CMS updates
  • Copy Creation & Image selection for destinations/tour themes
  • Translation of copy and editorial services
  • Integration of FB pixels and Google Tags
  • Tailored Generation of SEO content
  • Additional marketing services
  • Payment processing

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