Booking Online System allows travel organizers to easily and quickly obtain a great website for selling their trips, adapted for mobile devices, optimized for search engines, with the ability to search by travel date, destination and other parameters, with online tour reservations and with functionalities offered by professional online reservation systems. It is recommended to travel agencies that are ready to increase the number of reservations and digitize their business by applying all the possibilities that BOS offers.


  • Receive reservations directly from your website using BOS booking system
  • In your offer, you can include an offer of other organizers who also use BOS
  • Online booking system searches tours by travel date and other important parameters
  • Get the insight into the final price of the service with all optional surcharges immediately before booking
  • Allow customers to confirm their booking instantly
BOS sistem uvećava prodaju tura


Sistem za rezervacije sa automatizovanom administracijom
  • Avoid lengthy correspondence with your customers with an automated booking confirmation and payment confirmation system
  • Easy creation of a list of passengers with complete information needed by the guide during the trip
  • Detailed overview of reservations and easy search of them
  • Easy entry of tour descriptions and photos automatic applications
  • Possibility of creating regular and promotional prices while defining their automatic application
  • Ability to view the system from all mobile devices 24/7
  • Multilingualism and statistics


  • By using BOS, you get a ready-made solution for the design of your site with the possibility of opening new pages and categories as desired.
  • Placement through other sales channels is also available
  • You get a site that will include tags and pixels for tracking visitors (and the ability to connect to Google Adwords)
  • Tracking which channels reservations come from
  • You have support to improve customer relationships and loyalty.
Sistem za rezervacije sa marketinškom podrškom


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